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    Newsletter, September 2010



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The EUE-Net Final Workshop, 9-11 September 2010, Istanbul, Turkey

During the three days meting, the EUE-Net partners gathered in Istanbul for getting an overview of EUE-Net and its major objectives and outputs: Q-Planet, CDO-Net, Entreprenaut and Entrepreneurship Tuning. At the same time, a brainstorming on the Network future agenda was developed, consisting of interesting ideas presented by several contributors.
Looking at the presentations at Istanbul it clearly appears that EUE-Net should continue its activity focused on the following three lines:
  • Consolidation for Q-PlaNet - i.e. expanding the network as an independent community;

  • Consolidation for CDO-Net - i.e. expanding and structuring the network as an independent community;

  • Development of Entrepreneurship in three proposed directions:

    • International entrepreneurship;
    • European university network of innovation and entrepreneurship units;
    • Leadership.
Based on these axes of activity the EUE-Net Agenda for 2010-2013 will be analyzed and more in depth explored at the EUE-Net Workshop ”CareerCon” in May 2011, in Reykiavik, Iceland.
You can find details about the event at:
News from Q-PlaNet
The network will continue its work after 30th September in a self sustainable manner (without direct EU funding). The core network of 5 QRCs is currently extending by inviting numerous members as new QRC. New members are attracted based on recommendations from the existing members. Based on this principle the core network will check applications in order to “admit” the new institution to the Q-PlaNet if adhering to the Quality Standard idea. In addition, the labelling of enterprises for student placement will continue. The network will continue to meet annually in the framework of EUE-Net Conferences, until the dimensions will require a separation between the events. Please keep an eye always on since Q-PlaNet will remain online!
We invite you to submit for dissemination on the website the activities related to EUE-Net, performed by the partner institutions.

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