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EUE-Net  Meeting :::: Amsterdam, 20 - 21 October 2008


Following the discussions and debates initiated by EUE-Net during the Workshop on Quality Control of Students Practical Placement in Enterprises, Brasov, February 2008, the meeting gathered together the EUE-Net partners interested to participate (by contributions and/or revisions) to developing the EUE-Net official guidelines on Practical placement in Europe - one of the project outputs. The two days event consisted in presentations of author's contributions and critical analysis on the attendance behalf, which finally led to a coherent shape of the coming output.

The deadline for receiving the reviewed works was set for November 20, 2008. 




 New project within EUE-Net ::: Q-PlaNET


Q-PlaNET - A model for Quality of trans-national student PlacemeNts in EnTerprises is a 24 months multilateral project within the framework of LLL Programme, aiming to develop a model for a European network of quality reference centres for placements  able to undertake the mediation and quality control of practical placements at local, regional and European level. It is coordinated by our EUE-Net partner from Karlsruhe, KOOR/BEST and reunites the following parnership: University of Bucharest, EUE-Net / Mac Team, Transilvania University of Brasov, Tallinn University of Technology, Leonardo Centre Thuringia, Jeunes Entrepreneurs de l’Union Européenne, JEUNE, My XML Luxemburg, Siemens Romania, AIESEC Romania


Coming event :::The 5th EUE-Net Conference and General Assembly


The next meeting of our network will take place during 29 April - 3 May, 2009, in Nicosia, Cyprus. The event will be organized in cooperation with Erasmus Coordinators Conference - ERACON 2009.

1. Entrepreneurship as a transversal subject in the University curricula:

  • Models of syllabus in various countries,
  • Best practice for teaching and Learning of Entrepreneurship in European countries
  • Involvement of entrepreneurs in the Teaching and Learning process- case studies

2. Career Development Offices (CDO) as mediators between Enterprises and Academia in Europe:

  • Working and business models involving the three actors: Enterprise, University, Students
  • CDO Networks in Europe: statistics, area of geographical coverage, European dimension

3. Panel session (or round table): "Quality of Practical Placement of Students in Enterprises"



We invite you to submit for dissemination on the website the activities related to EUE-Net, performed by the partner institutions.

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Prof. Simona LACHE, PhD




University Transilvania of Brasov



29 B-dul Eroilor



500036 Brasov , Romania



+ 40 268 415066/ +40 268 476172






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