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Starting with this issue we would like to reiterate the periodic information of the EUE-Net partners upon the network activities, as it had been done in EUI-Net project. The first major event took place in Brasov, in February, when we had the chance to meet again our constant partners from EUI-Net and get acquainted with the new EUE-Net partners. After two days of fruitful discussions, the idea of developing the EUE-Net model and guidelines for student practical placement was agreed by all participants. According to the expression of interest by different partners, the book content, the contributors and reviewers were established and we find now ourselves in the stage of shaping the first draft. The book is expected to be finalized in September 2008.
Prof. Doru Talaba, Prof. Simona Lache, editors
EUE-Net new web site has been launched
Please visit the EUE-Net website at the following address: .
We invite you to submit for dissemination on the website the activities related to EUE-Net, performed by the partner institutions
EUE-Net Meeting :::: Amsterdam, 17 - 18 July 2008  
The first output of the EUE-Net project will be the book entitled "EUE-Net Model and Guidelines for Practical Placement of students in Europe". During July 17-18 2008, the authors, reviewers and editors of the book will meet in Amsterdam to define the final version.
EUE-Net general meeting in Brasov, 7-8 February 2008

During February 7-8 2008, the kick-off meeting of the new EUE-Net took place . Over 70 participants from 25 countries took part at the discussions and debates upon the fist theme launched by the network: Quality Control of Students Practical Placement in Enterprises. Find out more at .


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